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jerk wings

Jerk Chicken Wings

If you love jerk chicken, you have to try these jerk chicken wings for your next party or game day. The jerk sauce makes these wings spicy and super…

peanut punch

Caribbean Peanut Punch

Peanut punch is a protein packed, energy drink that’s popular in Jamaica, Trinidad and other parts of the Caribbean. The first peanut punch I ever had was one of…

jamaican curry chicken

Jamaican Curry Chicken

Jamaican curry chicken is the first Jamaican dish I ever had so I credit it for making me a lover of Jamaican food. This dish is vibrant, spicy and…

jerk sauce

Jamaican Jerk Sauce

Jamaican jerk sauce is a delicious, spicy marinade that goes well with chicken (try it with these double-fried jerk chicken wings), beef, pork, and just about every type of…